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Yandex.Money Virtual Card



What can I do with a virtual card?
The cards let you pay at online stores that don't accept Yandex.Money yet. If you are a reviewed or identified user, you can pay at any store worldwide; anonymous users can only pay in Russian stores. There's no extra commission on such payments.
The card is specially designed for safe online payments. Firstly, its details are never stored together: you can access its number on our website by entering your password, while its CVC and expiration date are sent to your linked phone number. Secondly, the card is protected by 3-D Secure technology, which means you confirm your payments with one-time passwords sent by the bank. And finally, you can cancel the card at any time right on our website (for example, if you suspect someone other than you has gained access to its details).
How do I add money to this card?
The easiest way to add money to your card is adding money to your Yandex.Money account as usual. We recommend adding money commission-free.
How do I pay with a virtual card?
The same way you would with any other bank card: use the card's number, CVC, and expiration date. If the owner's details are also required, enter your first and last name in Latin letters.
What are the limits on payments made with a virtual card?
For anonymous users—15,000 rubles at a time and 40,000 rubles a month.
For reviewed users—60,000 rubles at a time and 200,000 a month.
For identified users—250,000 rubles at a time and 3,000,000 rubles a month.
Such limits are instituted by the law On the National the Payment System (No. 161-FZ). View the full list of limits in this table.

Viewing the Card's Details

I didn't write down the card's number. What should I do?
You can review your card's number at any time. Under Settings you'll see the link ‘Get card details’. Click on it and enter your payment password or a one-time password.
My phone number changed, and the text message with the card's details is on my old phone. What should I do?
First, you need to link your new phone number to your account and designate it as primary. In 15 minutes you'll be able to request a new text message:
  1. Open the ‘Bank Cards’ section under Settings.
  2. Click on ‘Get card details’.
  3. Enter your payment password or a one-time password.
After you do this, you'll see the card's full number and the link ‘Send CVC and expiration date in a text message’. Click on the link, and we'll send a text message to your new phone number.

Payments at International Online Stores

How does the currency conversion works when I pay with my virtual card at a non-Russian store?
MasterCard internal rate + 2.7%. It takes three steps:
1. The amount to be paid according to the present conversion rate is reserved on the card.
2. MasterCard processes the payment within one-two business days. During this period conversion rate may change.
3. The service debits the amount considering the up-to-date conversion rate: if the good's currency become more expensive, we will debit the deficiency from your card, if the opposite, we will credit the deficiency back to your card.
A few days after I made a payment another small sum was debited from my account. Why?
The additional charge is the result of exchange rate fluctuations. When you pay in a foreign currency, your account is charged the equivalent amount in rubles. Conversion is performed according to the exchange rate at the time you make the purchase. A few days later, when MasterCard's system finishes processing your payment, the exchange rate may have changed. In that case, the difference in the cost of your purchase will be debited from your account (or credited to it, if the exchange rate changes in your favor).
When paying at a store, I'm asked to provide my billing address and other strange information. What do I do?
Your billing address is the address where you reside (simply enter it in Latin letters). Other details you may be asked for in a foreign store:
  • Address 1 — street address and apartment (for example: 1/11 Moskovskaya Street);
  • Address 2 — optional field (here you can specify any other information necessary to distinguish your address);
  • State — region or district (for example: Moscow or Moskovskaya Region);
  • ZIP or Postal Code — postal code.
I entered all the card's details, but I still can't complete the payment. Why?
You probably haven't sent us your personal details. Anonymous users are prohibited by law from paying at non-Russian stores. To lift this restriction you need to fill out a form and get reviewed status or identify yourself.
If you are a reviewed or identified user and your payment still isn't going through, contact our Support Service.


How do I receive text message notifications about payments to and from my account?
You can activate text message notifications for your Wallet (50 rubles a month or less if you pay for 6 months).
Messages about all payments, transfers, and deposits will be sent to the phone number you linked to your account (you can view the number you linked in the ‘Account’ section).
How do I receive email notifications about payments?
You should activate email notifications for your Wallet (it's a free service). Then messages about all payments, transfers, and deposits will be sent to the email address linked to your account (you can view the email address you linked in the ‘Account’ section).


Do you charge commission for operations with the virtual card?
The commission is charged for the following:
— transferring to another card via MasterCard MoneySend
— adding money via LiqPay service
— issuing virtual card in Russian Standard Bank and adding money to it
— adding money to Beeline mobile card or sending money through Beeline.Transfer service.
The commission is 3% of the amount (but no less than 100 rubles).
In all other cases commission is not charged.
Why was I charged commission when I made a payment at an online store?
The store must have the wrong MCC (a code designating the category of every trade outlet).
When you pay with your bank card, the bank sends us an MCC. If you make a purchase at an electronics store, we receive the code 5732, while book stores return the code 5942. But sometimes stores choose the wrong MCC. For example, the one corresponding to funds transfers between bank cards. If we receive one of the these codes — 4829, 6012, 6050, 6051, 6534, 6538, 6540 — we'll automatically charge commission.
If that's the case, we recommend contacting the store's customer service center and reporting the problem with the MCC.