Accepting Payments: Ready-Made Tools

In order to accept Yandex.Money, you just need to share your account number on the internet. Other users can send transfers to your account straight from the website's homepage and those without a Yandex.Money Wallet can add money to your account from a bank card or in cash.
Plus, you can use special tools that make fundraising even easier.

Receiving payments to a Wallet: forms and buttons for your site

Forms and buttons allow accepting money from Yandex.Money users, bank card owners, and Beeline, MegaFon, MTS, and Tele2 subscribers. Each method shows different conditions.
Select a payment form or button, get the ready-made HTML code and embed it into your site.

Yandex.Billing: form for receiving money to your bank account

Yandex.Billing is a payment form for your site via which you can accept money from bank cards and Yandex.Money Wallets. Its setup takes 10 to 20 minutes; you do not need to enter into a contract.
License fee. You pay for the form operation once—3,000 rubles. Without commission for your clients.
Limits. One license fee allows you to accept 100 payments jointly amounting up to 100,000 rubles.
Settlement. You get money to your company account within 2–3 business days. We send notifications to your email after each payment.
For your accounting department, the transfers via the form are appear as a common wire transfer (payment to bank account) made by an individual.
Creating a form:
  • specify goods or services you are to accept money for
  • provide your company details
  • get the code of the form to paste it on your site.

Invoicing by Email

If you don't have your own website to post a payment form or button to, you can send a button by email. Specify the required information on our site. The email with a payment button will be sent to your client's email automatically. Commission is deducted from the transfer amount:
  • 0.5% on transfers from an e-wallet;
  • 2% on transfers from a VISA or MasterCard.

Additional Tools

The ‘My Balance’ widget shows how much money you've collected so far. You can put the widget on your website or blog.
HTTP-notifications automatically report when money is credited along with all the payment details, including amount, date, time, transaction number, and sender's data. This is convenient if you have services designed to perform some actions automatically, as soon as the transfer is received.
Yandex.Money API helps streamline transfer acceptance. Using our API, you can create your own design for receiver forms, embed a Yandex.Money form in a mobile app, give senders the option of paying in one click, and lots more.

Collected Money? What Now?

You can transfer the money you collect to your bank card or bank account or withdraw it in cash. Plus, you can immediately spend it online or at regular stores using a Yandex.Money bank card.
Please note
Only identified and reviewed users (Russian citizens who have provided us with their personal information) can legally accept transfers to their accounts.
Examples of use