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New Restrictions for Anonymous Users

On May 16, 2014 a new Russian law came into effect. This law has introduced restrictions on e-payments for users who haven't become identified yet.
This means transfers and certain payments will only be available to you if you provide us with some personal information.

For Russian Citizens

If you have a Russian Federation citizen passport, enter its details on our website. After that you'll be able to transfer money to other users, accept transfers from them, and pay at international stores from your account.
The law requires that we ask users to provide:
  • their full name;
  • their passport's series, number, and date of issue;
  • phone number;
  • INN or SNILS.
Please note: this information is not enough if you want to keep over 60,000 rubles on your account, transfer money to bank accounts, withdraw more than 5,000 rubles a day from ATMs, or spend more than 60,000 rubles in one payment. To complete these operations, you need to complete the identification process.

For Citizens of Other Countries

Unfortunately, the law only allows us to accept personal information online from Russian citizens. If you live in another country, you need to complete the identification process: e.g. send us a special application in the mail. Without identification, you'll only be able to pay with Yandex.Money at Russian stores.
Once we receive and process your application, a red mark will appear near your balance reminding you to confirm identification. After giving your confirmation, you'll be able to use all the service's features: keep up to 500,000 rubles on your account, spend up to 250,000 rubles at a time, and withdraw Yandex.Money without limitations from ATMs.

Full List

Anonymous users cannot:
1. Transfer money from their accounts...
  • to another Yandex.Money account;
  • to a Visa or MasterCard;
  • to an individual's bank account.
2. Accept transfers...
  • to their accounts from other users' accounts.
3. Pay...
  • at online stores that are considered non-Russian;
  • at regular stores outside of Russia (with a Yandex.Money MasterCard).