Yandex.Money bank card with bonuses

The card works together with your Yandex.Money Wallet: they share common balance. You can additionally collect bonuses from Svyaznoy Club on your card.
Pay at any locations—supermarkets, cafes, or gas stations. You can pay at online stores, too. To get bonuses, make purchases from the Svyaznoy Club partners. After that you will need to change bonuses to discounts.
Withdraw cash via any ATM of any bank all over the world.
Common balance: how it works
The card and your Wallet complement one another: they have different numbers and a common balance.
The card is a physical medium for your Wallet: adding money to your Wallet allows you to spend this money in cafes, at the gas stations or at any other location where bank cards are accepted. When paying with the card your Wallet balance decreases.
Your Wallet works as an online banking for the card. Track your balance on our site or in our mobile app,
activate text message notifications, adjust regular payments for your mobile, internet, and utility services.
Svyaznoy Club's bonuses are only accumulated on your card. You can check with your bonus account on our site in ‘Bank Cards’ section or on the Club's site.
Collecting and spending Svyaznoy Club's bonuses
Svyaznoy Club's bonus program unites 50 companies, which include AliExpress, Ozon, Ecco, Bukvoed, LaModa, and KupiVIP.
If a certain location grants discounts within both Svyaznoy Club and MasterCard programs, choose either bonuses to your card or a discount.
Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy both reward programs at once.

How to collect bonuses

Purchase from the Svyaznoy Club partners.
  • if this is an online store, go to it from, and not from search results or a direct link. Otherwise, it won't work,
  • if you pay at the register, show your card before the payment,
  • if you order by phone, name the code specified under the bar-code (13 digits).
You will get up to 15% from the payment amount depending on the location you are paying at. During campaigns, this rate may amount up to 100%.
The term of adding bonuses to your card also depends on the company. It is usually up to 40 days. Find more precise information for each store on the Club's site.

How to track your bonuses

  1. On Yandex.Money site, in ‘Bank Cards’ section, under ‘Check bonuses balance» button.
  2. On Svyaznoy Club's site, after registering your card.

How to spend bonuses

You will be able to exchange 1 ruble discount for each collected bonus point.
Check with the Svyaznoy Club site to learn whether you can spend bonuses at a certain store.

Possible options:
  • if this is an online store, go to it from, and not following search results link or a direct link. Otherwise, it won't work,
  • if you pay at the register, show your card and ask the cashier to debit your bonuses,
  • if you order by phone, name the code specified under the bar-code (13 digits).

Transferring bonuses from other card

If you are reissuing Yandex.Money Card with Pluses within your Wallet, everything will be made automatically. Simply activate your new card, the bonuses will be on this card.
You can transfer bonuses from other Svyaznoy Club's cards: C-store card, Polosataya card, or Card with Plus to Yandex.Money card. To do so, two following conditions should meet:
  • both cards were issued to one person
  • Yandex.Money card was activated on
If everything matches, contact Svyaznoy Club's call center: 8 800 700-53-53. Tell the operator your card number and answer his or her questions.
The card's cost, commission, payment limits
No commission applied for paying. Exception: if a retail outlet has an MCC (Merchant Category Code) of a cash withdrawal or money transfer
MCC represents a type of a retail outlet. If you pay in a book store, we receive code 5732, if you pay at an electronic store, we receive code 5942. We identify these operations as payments and do not charge commission.
Sometimes stores may choose the code of a money transfer between cards: 4829, 6012, 6050, 6051, 6534, 6538, 6540. If the bank sends us one of these codes, the commission will be charges automatically. In this case you can contact this store's customer's support and explain the problem with the MCC.
The commission for withdrawing cash is 3% of the amount (but no less than 100 rubles). The same commission is applied for:
  • transferring money to another card via MasterCard MoneySend
  • adding money to LiqPay account
  • issuing Russian Standard bank's virtual card or adding money to it
  • adding money to Beeline mobile card (rather than your mobile phone account) or making transfer via Beeline.Transfer service.
The limits depend on your Yandex.Money user's status.
Anonymous users can pay up to 15,000 rubles at a time and withdraw via ATMs up to 5,000 rubles a day.
Monthly limit on expenses is 40,000 rubles.
Reviewed Wallet owners will be able to pay up to 60,000 rubles at a time and up to 200,000 rubles a month and withdraw via ATMs up to 5,000 rubles a day and up to 40,000 rubles a month.
Identified users can spend up to 250,000 rubles at a time using any method they like.
Monthly limit for payments and withdrawals is three million rubles and for transfers is 600,000 rubles.
Ordering a card via our site and collecting it
We don't issues cards with bonuses anymore, but you can order a new Yandex.Money card for 300 rubles.
Activating card, PIN, secret word
When the card is delivered, you need to do the following:
  • activate it on our site to be able to pay with it
  • register it on Svyaznoy Club's site to activate its bonus program.
The links are in the letter with your card.


You need to create the PIN in the course of the card activation.
Try to make it secure. For instance, pick a date only you know or a part of one of your friend's phone number. Simple sequences like 1234 won't do: they are too easy to guess.
You can change your PIN at any moment: the button is in ‘Bank Cards’ section.
When creating or changing your PIN, we recommend check it works. You can do it at any ATM: insert the card, enter your PIN and request to show your balance.
If you enter incorrect code three times in a row, your card will be blocked—you won't be able to pay with it even online where PIN is not required. In this case call 8 800 250‑66‑99 if you are in Russia, +7 495 974‑35‑86 if you are in other country.

Secret word

We will ask you to create one in the course of the card activation.
You need a secret word for calls to our Support Service: it allows our specialists totruly make sure the card is truly yours.
You can check your secret word under ‘Bank Cards’ section.
Adding money to your card
Simply add money to your Wallet. For instance, you can add money from any other bank card (1% commission) or by cash (without commission). The money is usually credited immediately.
To add money, you only need to specify your Wallet number. As soon as the money is deposited, you can spend it from your card.
Withdrawing cash
Any ATM in any country will do
All users regardless of their user statuses can withdraw money anywhere in the world. Anonymous and reviewed users can withdraw up to 5,000 rubles a day and up to 40,000 rubles a month (or this sum's equivalent in another currency). Identified users can withdraw up to 100,000 rubles at a time and 1,3 mln rubles a month (or this amount's equivalent).
. Insert the card, enter your PIN, collect cash. Money is debited from your Wallet.
If you are an identified user, you can make withdrawals of up to 10,000 rubles without commission every month from your
personalized card
You can order a personalized card on our website and pick it up at the post office (from the courier). You can also get a pre-issued card (without a name on it): visit a Yandex.Checkout's or one of our partners' office.
If you have a different user status, the commission is always 3%—but not less than 100 rubles. It means that the commission for an amount lesser than 3,300 rubles will always be 100 rubles. For the amounts of 3,350 rubles up, the commission is calculated by 3% rate. For example, the commission for 5,000 rubles is 150 rubles.
Payments at non-Russian stores and currency conversion
If you have a reviewed or identified user status, you can pay with your Yandex.Money card at any store all over the world. If you are yet to specify your ID details, your Wallet is anonymous: you can only pay within Russia.

Before going abroad

The bank can block the card, if it was paid with in Moscow yesterday and in Hong Kong today. It creates an impression like
the card details were stolen (and it often appears to be true).
To be sure your card won't be blocked at the beginning of your vacation of business trip, notify our Support Service about
place and time of your journey: via a form on our site or by number 8 (800) 250‑66‑99 if your are in Russia or +7 (495) 974‑35‑86 if you are in Moscow or outside of Russia.

Converting to other currency

Yandex.Money MasterCard is in rubles, because your Yandex.Money Wallet is also in rubles.
If you pay in another currency than rubles, an equivalent of this amount in rubles is debited from your Wallet. In a couple of days, an entry of additional debiting or crediting
appears in your History. The amount may vary from several rubles or even kopeks depending on your payment amount. This is an exchange rate difference.
The conversion is performed according to MasterCard internal rate + 2.7%:
  1. The payment amount in rubles is being reserved on the card according to the current exchange rate.
  2. MasterCard processes the payment for one-two business days. The conversion rate for this period changes.
  3. We debit the amount according to the new rate: if the foreign currency rate increased, the difference is debited,
    if it decreased, the difference is returned to your card.
What to do, if your card got lost or stolen
If the card is activated, cancel it asap. You need to take both steps:
  1. On our site—view ‘Bank Cards’ section and click ‘Cancel’. If it won't help, call +7 (495) 974‑3586.
  2. On Svyaznoy Club's site—view ‘Your card’ section and click on the padlock icon near your card status.
If you are yet to activate your card, you do not need to hurry. Though we recommend you report about the loss via a special form on our site.
You can issue a new Yandex.Money card for 300 rubles under ‘the Bank Cards’ section.