Paying via Text Messages

If you have a Wallet on Yandex, you can pay bills issued by GUP VTKP or fines issued by GIBDD via text messages. You don't need to be online or provide cash.
This is as simple:
  1. You will get a text message with an outstanding amount and payment code from 1960. The code expires in one day.
  2. To make a payment, send the code in a reply message. If you do not want to pay, ignore the message.
  3. We will send the receipt at your email. The date, amount, and payment purpose will be recorded to your History.

Money source

From your Wallet or your linked bank card (if you don't have enough funds in the Wallet).
If you have several cards linked to your Wallet, money is debited from the one that was linked last.

Activating payments via text messages

Check the box ‘Get notifications’ on utility bills and traffic fines tracking page. Then select ‘Emails and text messages’.
We will send you text messages with an amount to be paid and payment code for free.

Cancelling payments via text messages

Simply cancel notifications for all documents and accounts under your Wallet's Settings.

Commission and limits

We do not charge commission for paying GUP VTKP bills. Our charge for paying fines if 1%, but no less than 30 rubles.
You can pay up to 14,999 rubles at a time.
Your reply text message with the payment code is always for free.