Plastic MasterCard,
to use it on the trips

Cafe in Kazan or hotel in Brooklyn—the card operates
everywhere. Track your balance via our site, add money
to the card yourself or ask friends to do it: it only needs the number.

Plastic MasterCard,
to wave with it on the go

— logo for fast purchases lovers.
Tap the card against a reader, and get your receipt.
And you are back on track.

Plastic MasterCard,
for freelancing

Overwinter in the warm countries? You can get
instant transfer for freelance and buy
pineapples right away at the rate MasterCard + 2.7%.

The card is outstanding, all around

You don't need to go to the bank

Order on the site—a matter of minutes

You don't need to go to the bank

Order the card on our site,
it will be delivered to your nearest
post office. Forget about

The whole world is opened

Operates in any country worldwide

The whole world is opened

In Alaska or Thailand:
if a store accepts cards,
you will be able to pay
with MasterCard Yandex.Money.

Every ATM goes well for you

Cash in any currency

Every ATM goes well for you

Insert the card, enter its PIN,
and withdraw rubles, Danish kroner
or euros. It only depends on
certain ATM.

All the most important—
in your phone

Balance, history, adding

All the most important—
in your phone

In the app, you can check
your balance, find the nearest
location for adding, or view
your operation history.

Discounts and bonuses
of our partners

About MasterCard events

Discounts and bonuses
of our partners

You can get a discount for a coffie,
for a movie ticket, a free night
in a hotel. Keep track of the news
on MasterCard site and in social networks.

Secure internet

Payments with one-time passwords

Secure internet

You need to confirm
with a text message password
every online payment. A stranger cannot pay
with your card.

How Much It Costs


for three years

A payment for servicing,
charged upon the card issue

Payments, 0%

Online as well as at offline stores and cafes

Cash, 0%

After completing the identification process, you can withdraw 10,000Р per month without %

Cash, 3% (min. 100Р)

The same commission amount at any ATMs

All tariffs

Order on our site,
get in the post office


Your details

Specify it as in your ID, so that you can collect the card
in the post office.

You'll get a track number to this address. With it you can track your card delivery

Home address

You will be able to pay with this card outside of Russia, if you specify your Russian passport details on our site. We will ask you about that after the card activation.

If you don't have a Russian passport, you'll need to file a special
application with your notarized signature on it.

Without specifying your personal details, you can only pay within Russia.

For instance, Moscow or Saint Petersburg
For example, Durango

Leave extra fields vacant


Double check the delivery address