Fees and Tariffs of the NBCO

The NBCO charge natural persons-clients with the following commissions for providing services within Yandex.Money service.

When performing certain marketing campaigns, the commission may be reduced or its charging may be suspended.

Yandex.Money's partners and other persons (for instance, payment kiosk (when making a deposit), card issuer bank) may set and charge their own commissions for certain operations.

The NBCO's remuneration amount for the Secure Deal service depends on the conditions of work with certain partner and is specified on the corresponding pages of this service.


Fees for debit operations

Transfer of e-money (between Wallets)

0.5% of the transfer amount. The commission is charged from the recipient;

3% of the transfer amount if making a hold-for-pickup transfer.

Refund of the remaining balance (its part) of e-money (certain methods):
To bank cards

3%—to a bank card issued by Khanti-Mansiyskiy Bank Otkritie, for which the service Bank Connection is activated;

3% + 45 rubles in all other cases

To bank account

3% + 15 rubles for transfers to natural person's account opened in credit organization located in Russia. Exceptions:

3%  for transfers to natural person's account opened in

  • Alfa Bank OJSC (via Bank Connection service)

  • Promsvyazbank PJSC

  • Tinkoff Bank JSC

To any bank details of a legal entity

2%, but no less than 30 rub. for optional legal entity details (non-credit company), if the payment is initiated on NBCO Yandex.Money LLC's site

3%, but no less than 30 rubles. for transfers to a random legal entity (non-credit organization) bank details if the payment is initiated via a Form for accepting payments posted on the service provider's site

Mobile carriers

3 rubles—on payments for the services of:

  • Beeline (Vimpelcom PJSC) services


  • Megafon (Megafon PJSC)

The commission is not applied if this operations is performed via our Autopayment service

‘Platon’ system

2% — for adding money to vehicle owner's customer account of ‘Platon’ charging system (the system operator is RT-Invest Transportniye Sistemy LLC)

GIBDD Traffic Fines

1%, but no less than 30 rub.—on paying GIBDD traffic fines

Parking2% on payments for GKU AMPP (Moscow Parking Space Manager State Public Institution of Moscow) services
State services

2%—on payments for state services in the payment is initiated on Moscow State Services site (http://pgu.mos.ru/ru/)

Enforcement processing
(Federal Bailiffs' Service of Russia);

2.5%—on paying of debts within enforcement proceedings (Federal Bailiffs' Office).

СONTACT3% on payments to CONTACT system
IDRAM3% + 15 rubles on payments to Idram LLC
RIB NSCA3% + 15 for withdrawing cash via RIB NSCA
Other commission for repaying remaining balance of electronic fundsThe NBCO can apply different commission for every recipient. If the commission is applied, we inform you about it on the corresponding payment form before you confirm the operation.


Fees for deposits

When adding money with a bank card on the NBCO's website
(the transfer is initiated by the payer on the NBCO's website)
1% of the transfer amount
When adding money with a bank card on the NBCO's website
(the transfer is initiated by the payer on a third party's website)
0.5% of the transfer amount—on adding money from a linked bank card
2% of the transfer amount—on adding from any bank card (that is not linked)
When adding money with a bank card
using ‘Smartfin’ payment application
2.75% of the transfer amount
When using Quick Payment via Yandex.Money service and other deposit methods (not listed in the Tariffs)Without commission


Fees for using the Yandex.Money bank cards

Applied jointly with other Tariffs

Yandex.Money cardPre-issued Yandex.Money cardYandex.Money Gift CardVirtual Yandex.Money card
Virtual Yandex.Money Gift Card
Card servicing

199 rubles—one-time service fee* for the Yandex.Money cards (except the Yandex.Money card with Bonuses) if delivered by the Russian Post.

399 rubles—one-time service fee* for the Yandex.Money cards (except the Yandex.Money card with Bonuses) if delivered by courier

499 rubles—one-time service fee* for servicing ‘Yandex.Money – with Plus’ cards.


*The fee is debited upon issue / reissue of the card.

First 30 days from the moment of activating are free (‘grace period’). After this period—monthly* service fee amounting 20 rubles.

* Month is a 30 days period.
First fee is debited when the grace period expires.
Should the remaining amount be insufficient for the fee debiting, the card servicing is terminated (the card is blocked).
To unlock the card the user needs to initiate the corresponding procedure under the account Settings. In this case a commission will be charged for the previous 30 days (and further on a monthly basis according to the order specified above).

50 rubles (charged upon adding money to this Card)

If the virtual account balance is positive to the moment the Card expires, such account is charged commission amounting the E-money remaining balance by this date.

Commission on payments for goods and services in retailer and service enterprisesFor free (excluding operations subject to charging according to the Tariffs)
Balance requesting in ATMsFor freeOperation forbidden
Withdrawing cash in ATMs3% + 15 rubles (but not less than 100 rubles)Operation forbidden

3% + 15 rubles (but no less than 100 rubles):

  • on funds transfers by card number when using the service MasterCard MoneySend (MCC codes: 6538, 6540)

  • on funds transfer from Yandex.Money card to recipients with MCC codes: 4829, 6012, 6050, 6051, 6534, 6540

  • on funds transfers with your Yandex.Money card to an account in LiqPay service

  • on payments for issuing virtual or physical card under the Beeline Card project or depositing money on it (card issuer NSCA Platezhniy Tsentr LLC)

  • on payments for issuing Russian Standard Bank's pre-issued card or depositing money on it

  • on funds transfer from your Yandex.Money card via the Beeline.Transfer service

Commission for disputing effective transactions performed by the card's owner1,350 rubles for one transaction


Other services

Text message notifications about transactions

20 rubles a month (30 days)

For free:

  • for the Wallet for which the Yandex.Money card is activated—within 30 days from the activation date

  • for the Wallet for which the Pre-Issued card is activated

  • for the Gift card and virtual Gift card.

Providing the Client with the Wallet and servicing this Wallet through the period of the inactive User Status 270 rubles a month
If remaining balance of the E-money amounts less than 270 rubles, the commission charge amount such remaining balance.