Защита банковских карт в интернете

To pay in the internet you need to know your card's number, CVC, and expiration date. It is essential to keep these details secret:
— if you need to write them down, divide these details into parts: the card's number separate from its CVC
— when making transfers, you only need card number
— when making payments, look for PCI DSS logo: it means the site operates according to international security standards.

In Yandex.Money we use additional security: you can link your card to the Wallet and you won't need to specify its details at online stores

How it works:

  1. You specify your card details on a secure page. We encrypt and save them.

  2. Payment from your linked card is made through your Wallet: the store does not get these details.

  3. To confirm payment, you enter CVC code and one-time password sent by your bank (if it has 3-D Secure enabled).

When you are linking you card, be sure to check that you are on Yandex.Money's authentic website. Check with the address in your browser: it needs to start with https://money.yandex.ru.

  Link card to Wallet

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a security standard of the payment card industry. It includes 12 requirements of information security developed by the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

We operate under PCI DSS standard. Find us on the official registers of Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide.

Each year certified auditors verify whether the service meets all requirements before issuing the certificate.

View Yandex.Money's certificate (PDF, 604 KB)

According to 3-D Secure standard, online payments from cards need to be confirmed. In most cases banks send text message passwords, sometimes they issue cards with a set of codes, and very rarely they can set permanent password. You cannot pay without such password, even if fraudsters know all other details.

In most cases 3-D Secure is activated automatically upon issuing the card. If it hasn't activated for your card, enable it personally in the bank or ATM.

The security is activated for our virtual and plastic cards by default. We send passwords in text messages to the phone number you linked to your Wallet.

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