Receiver Form

It takes a couple of minutes to create via our construction kit, and you are ready to embed it to any site.

Suits for corporations and sole proprietors accepting payments to a checking account.

You do not need to enter into a contract; simply start using the form.

Message about an incoming payment is sent to your email address. You might need to send the receipts to fiscal data operator(law No. 54-FZ).


How the Form Appears and Operates

What fields to make is up to you. Our constructor kit even allows your to write tooltips for these fields.

  1. A person fills out the form and selects payment method: bank card or Yandex.Money Wallet.

  2. You instantly receive notifications about payments to you email address.

  3. Money will be credited to your checking account in a day, maximum in 3 days.

Create a form using our constructor kit


Commission, Limits, Other Conditions

Commission is paid by the clients—3% from the amount, but no less than 30 rubles.

Limit for single payment: 15,000 rubles, including commission.

The payment will be credited in 1—3 days.

Turnover limitations apply non-bugetary organizations: 300,000rubles or 500 payments a month. If you expect to receive more, we recommend sign up for Yandex.Checkout.

Turnover limitations do not apply to state organizations, child day-care centers, schools, Home Unit Companies, and other public employees.


If You Need Any Help

Write to

Call 8 800 250-66-99 from Russia of +7 (495) 974-3586, ext. 7044 and 7043.

We will answer any of your questions. If needed, we can help you adjust the form and place it on your site.