Agreement on General Terms and Conditions of the Yandex.Money Service

1. NBCO Yandex.Money LLC (‘Yandex.Money’) offers the Internet user (‘Client’) to use its services on the terms and conditions set forth by this agreement (‘Agreement’). The Agreement comes into effect upon the clients consent to its terms and conditions as stipulated by clause 3 of the Agreement.

2. Yandex.Money allow the Client to access a wide variety of services, which include utilizing electronic means of payment, transferring funds without opening a bank account, placing orders to partner-banks for making transfer (including the same with the bank cards), posting and storing diverse content, personalizing of content and etc. All active services and its development and/or adding new services are subject of the Agreement.

3. Enjoying the Yandex.Money’s services is subject to this Agreement, our Private Policy (, and terms and conditions of use of certain services.

The Agreement is considered entered into by the Client at full without any reservations and exceptions when the Client starts using any service/its functions or completes registration.

The NBCO is entitled to offer the Client to alter and/or amend this Agreement by posting new version of the Agreement on the site at Implicative actions of using the service under the new terms and conditions shall be considered as accepting such offer by the Client.

4. If the Client disagrees with any amendment made to the Agreement in accordance with clause 3, such Client should terminate using the Yandex.Money service.

5. To use certain Yandex.Money services or certain options of the services, the Client needs to complete registration procedure, which results in creating a unique user account.

6. In order to register, the Client undertakes to provide accurate and full information about him or her via the registration form and keep this information up-to-date. If the Client provides incorrect information, or if the Yandex.Money reasonably doubt this information being accurate or full, the Yandex.Money at their own discretion may refuse using its services (or its certain functions) by the Client.
6.1. The Yandex.Money keeps and processes the Client’s personal information, provided in the course of service utilizing, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Confidentiality Policy, certain services terms and conditions, and this Agreement.
6.2. If a certain Yandex.Money service requires registration, the Client, upon such registration, chooses login (unique character-coded name of the Client’s user account) and password used for accessing this user account at his or her own discretion. The Yandex.Money is entitled to forbid usage of certain logins and to set out requirement for such logins and passwords (length, allowed characters, etc.) or to require using additional passwords.
6.3. For certain services, the Client can use an alternative mean of authentication for accessing his or her user account substituting it for the password. Accessing such mean is provided via setup of two-factor authentication under the preference settings of the Client’s user account.
6.4. The Client solely bears responsibility for security (brute force tolerance) of accessing means selected for his or her user account and provides its confidentiality at his or her own accord. The Client solely bears responsibility for all actions (and their consequences) with or within the use of the Yandex.Money services under the Client’s user account including voluntarily transmitting of user account access details to the third parties under any conditions (including under contracts or agreements). Whereupon, all actions within or with the use of the Yandex.Money services under the Client’s user account shall be deemed performed by the Client.

7. If a certain service does not require registration of the Client, the Yandex.Money authenticate the Internet user as the Client pursuant to among others the details that the Client has provided earlier when using the Yandex.Money services, such as email address or phone number.

8. On entering any details in one of the Yandex.Money services, the Client agrees to these details be saved for either repeated use or use under other Yandex.Money services without repeating its entry.

9. The Client undertakes to immediately notify the Yandex.Money on any occasion of unauthorized (not permitted by the Client) access to the Yandex.Money services via the Client’s user account and/or on any breach of confidentiality (suspicion on such) of his or her user account access means. To provide security, the Client undertakes solely to perform secure logout of his or her user account (Log Out button) at the end of each work session with the Yandex.Money services.

10. Yandex.Money is entitled to limit using of the services for all Client or the Client’s certain categories (depending on the Client’s location, language of the service, etc.) including: type and amount of money transfers, way of order presentation, list of transfer recipients, etc. The Yandex.Money is entitled to ban automatic request to its services, or stop receiving any automatically generated information.

11. The Yandex.Money is entitled to send information messages to its Clients. By using the Yandex.Money services, the Client agrees to receive marketing messages in accordance with part 1 of article 18 of the Federal Law Concerning Advertising. The Client is entitled to decline receiving marketing messages via corresponding functions of the service in respect of or within which the Client has received the marketing messages or by contacting the Client’s support service directly.

12. The Client is solely liable for compliance of the content he or she submitted to the Yandex.Money services with the applicable legislation, including liability to the third parties for the cases where submitting a certain content by the Client or its subject violates rights and legitimate interests of the third parties, including personal non-property rights of authors, other intellectual rights of the third parties, and/or trenches upon their non-property rights.

13. The Client acknowledges and accepts that the Yandex.Money is not liable for reviewing content of any type submitted and/or distributed by the Client via his or her services, as well as that the Yandex.Money is authorized (but does not have a duty) at its own discretion to prohibit the Client from submitting and/or distributing a content or to delete any content that is accessible via the Yandex.Money services. The Client is aware and agrees that he or she solely assesses all risks in respect of the content use, including such content’s reliability, integrity and relevance.

14. The Client is aware of and consents to copying (reproducing) the Client’s content by the Yandex.Money, which may be required due to the work technology, and to its processing for satisfying technical demands of the certain service.

15. The Client is solely liable to the third parties for his or her actions under the Yandex.Money service usage, including the cases, where such actions offend rights and lawful interests of the third parties, and for compliance with law when using the services.

16. When using the Yandex.Money services, the Client shall not perform the following:
16.1. offend the third parties rights, including the minors' rights, and/or inflict any prejudice towards them at any form
16.2. represent falsely oneself to be another person or a representative of a firm and/or collaboration without having sufficient rights for it, including representing oneself as a Yandex.Money employee, forum moderator, site owner, or Yandex.Money partner, and implement any other forms and means of illicit representation of other persons in the web, and misinform the Yandex.Money users concerning properties and characteristics of any subjects or objects
16.3. use other person’s authorization details and electronic means of payment
16.4. gather and keep other person’s personal information without authorization
16.5. obstruct the work of web sites and the Yandex.Money services
16.6. assist in actions aimed at offending limits and interdictions imposed by this Agreement
16.7. offend statutory provisions, including international law.

17. All objects that can be accessed via the Yandex.Money services, including design elements, images, pictures, videos, software, databases, music, sounds, or other objects (hereinafter—‘service contents’) and any other content posted on the Yandex.Money services is an object of exclusionary right of the Yandex.Money and other right holders that provide the corresponding permissions to the Yandex.Money.

18. Using of any services' elements is only possible within the functionality provided by a certain service. None of the Yandex.Money service contents or any content posted on the Yandex.Money services may be used in other way without a preliminary permit of the right owner.

19. The Yandex.Money services may contain links to other sites on the Internet (third parties’ sites). The Yandex.Money does not review such third parties and their content for compliance to any requirements (accuracy, legality, integrity etc.). The Yandex.Money is not liable to any information or materials posted on the third parties’ sites that the Client accesses using the services, including any beliefs or statements expressed in the third parties’ sites, advertisements, etc., as well as to availability of such sites and content and consequences of its use by the Client.

20. The link (at any form) to any site, product, service, or any profit-making or non-profit-making information posted on the Yandex.Money service shall not be considered as approved or recommended by the Yandex.Money but for the cases when explicitly expressed on the Yandex.Money’s resources.

21. Warranty Disclaimer
21.1. The Client uses the Yandex.Money services at his or her own risk. The services are presented ‘as is’. The Yandex.Money does not bear any responsibility, including whether the services meet the Client’s purposes, except where otherwise is required by the Russian legislation
21.2. The Yandex.Money disclaims responsibility for the following: the services meet/will meet the Client’s demands and expectations; the services will be provided without breaks, quickly, firmly, and without errors; the results that may be arrived at through the services will be precise and reliable and may be used for any purposes or at any quantity; quantity of any product, service, information, or otherwise received by using the services will meet the Client’s expectations
21.3. The Yandex.Money disclaims responsibility for any losses caused by the Client’s use of the Yandex.Money services or any parts/features of the services if otherwise is not provided by the Russian legislation.

22. This Agreement is governed and construed in accordance with the Russian legislation. The questions failed to be resolved by this Agreement shall be settled at the Russian court. All disputes caused by the interaction stipulated by this Agreement shall be settled in accordance with the Russian legislation.

23. Voiding one or more provisions of this Agreement due to any reason shall not affect validity or applicability of the rest of the Agreement’s provisions.

24. The Yandex.Money’s inactivity in the event of violating provisions of the Agreement by the Client or other Clients shall not deprive the Yandex.Money of the right to defend its interests later, as well as shall not be deemed as waiver of its rights for the cases wherein similar or resembling violations committed.


Publication date: 10 March 2017

Former version of the document