Payment Acceptance Outlets

You can pay for your order at any location on our list. We recommend locations that don't charge commission: ‘Euroset’, ‘Svyaznoy’, MKB and ‘Mobile Element’ payment kiosks, and Sberbank ATMs.
Maximum payment amount is 15,000 rubles at a time. The limit may be even lower at some mobile retail outlets and payment kiosks.
We will send you a text message with all the information you need for paying: payment through Yandex, payment code, amount.

Payment kiosks

Logo Name When funds are credited Commission Addresses
Sberbank Sberbank instantly 0%
Svyaznoy Svyaznoy instantly 0%
Credit Bank of Moscow Credit Bank of Moscow instantly 0%
Idram Idram
instantly 0%
Mobile Element Mobile Element up to 24 hours 0–0,95%
Novoplat Novoplat instantly 0–10%
EuroPlat EuroPlat instantly 0–19%  
Comepay Comepay
(payment kiosks in Magnit, MTS, Beeline, and Euroset retail outlets)
instantly от 1%
Citypay Citypay instantly 1–5%
Forward Mobile Forward Mobile instantly 1–7%
Agroprombank Agroprombank
instantly 1.5%, but no less than 30 rub.
Russia, Moldova
instantly 2–5%
MasterPort MasterPort instantly 3%
CyberCity CyberCity up to 24 hours 3%
Absolut Plat Absolut Plat instantly 4–7%
Baltic Payment Solutions
instantly 5%
instantly 5%
instantly 5%
Quickpay instantly 5%
Regplat RegPlat instantly 5%
instantly 5%
Orange Orange instantly 5%  
ERC ERC instantly 5%
Easy and Handy Easy and Handy instantly 5%
Unikassa (St. Petersburg) Unikassa (Saint Petersburg) instantly 5%
Elecsnet instantly 5%
X-Plat X-Plat instantly 6%
Ciberpay Ciberpay instantly 8%
Telepay Telepay instantly 10%
More payment kiosks: CashCom,, MoneyBurg, Platerra, Platika, SimFoniy, ‘GIS’, ESGP, ‘Intercapital Bank’, Krasnoyarsk RC, ‘Pay World’, ‘MGP — Ekaterinburg’, ‘Optima Plus’, ‘Payment Services’, RC Ural, ‘Sigma’, ‘City Info’, ‘Soyuz Terminal’, CFT, YUPTS.

Transfer and payment systems

Logo Name When funds are credited Commission Addresses
Unistream Unistream
Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine
instantly 0%

Mobile retailer

Logo Name When funds are credited Commission Addresses
Euroset Euroset instantly 0%
Svyaznoy Svyaznoy instantly 0%
DIXIS DIXIS instantly 2%


Logo Bank name Commission Ways to add money ATM locations
Sberbank of Russia Sberbank of Russia 0% deposit from any bank card