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Check BIC and checking account. They cannot refer to different banks. If everything is correct, contact the recipient to ascertain the bank details.
Check the bank details thoroughly: company can have several checking accounts and BCCs (budgetary classification codes)—the ones you need are in the bill.
This company is in the process of being liquidated or reorganized. Nonetheless, if you are completely sure it will still fulfill its obligations, you can proceed with the payment.
You cannot pay by these banking details: this company was liquidated.
May be used for payment:
You can pay a bill from the tax service commission free.
Traffic fines
If you have the ordinance, pay by its number and date—the commission will be smaller.

How ‘Bills’ work
1. Find the recipient company by its name or INN (TIN) from the bill.
2. Compare the bank details on our site with the ones in your bill.
3. Add payment purpose and confirm the payment.

Important: if you are the first to pay to this company via our site, you'll need to enter its details manually.