Pay with your phone instead of bank card

With Yandex.Money, you can pay using your phone running iOS or Android wherever bank cards are accepted: in coffee shops and at stores around the corner, in the metro or at the pharmacy. It is quicker than searching first for your wallet, then for the card in it. Phone is always at hand. It is safer than paying with a card or in cash—all payment details are encrypted.

Money source

You can add our plastic card or virual card. They both use your Wallet balance for paying. You can add money to it using any method you like—in cash in mobile retail outlets or using any bank card.
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Yandex.Money with Apple Pay

Paying with Apple Pay is a true magic: you don't even need to unlock your phone. Nobody but you will be able to pay with it thanks to Touch ID security.

You can use iPhone SE, iPhone 6, and newer models. Apple Watch will do, too.
Full list of devices
To activate it, tap Apple Pay box under our app and follow the prompts. Or add your Yandex.Money card to Apple Wallet.
To make a payment, tap your iPhone against the reader holding your finger on Touch ID scanner. Money will be debited from your Wallet.

Pay via your Samsung phone with your Yandex.Money card

If you have a Samsung Galaxy, you can pay with your phone wherever bank cards are accepted. Thanks to MST* technology, which imitates a card's magnetic stripe signal, you can make payments with phone even if contactless payments are not allowed.

Mobile phones^ Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or S7, A3 (2017), A5 and A5 (2017) or A7 and A7 (2017), Note5, S6 edge+, S6 edge or S6
Add a virtual or plastic Yandex.Money card to Samsung Pay app
Swipe from the bottom to top and select a card. Sign up into Samsung Pay with your fingerprint and tap your smartphone against the reader
*MST—Magnetic Secure Transmission.

Pay with your smartphone from your Wallet

You can pay for your purchases and pass metro turngates with Android smartphones. Install Yandex.Money app, activate contactless payments for it, and you are ready to go.

You can use HCE-enabled* devices
To pay with your phone, open our app and select ‘Contactless Payments’ in the menu. Tap ‘Activate’ and in a couple of seconds you are ready to pay.
To make a payment, navigate to ‘Contactless Payments’ in our app. Push ‘Pay’, enter your access code, and tap your phone against the reader.
*Host-based Card Emulation is a technology allowing contactless payments for smartphones running Android.